Album review: Paperplain – Entering Pale Town (Destructible)

Album review: Paperplain - Entering Pale Town (Destructible)


A delicate first effort that's short of a spike or two

Like bubbles brought to life by a guffing band of tree pixies, [a]Paperplain[/a]’s debut is a pretty, slight thing. The airborne alias of 19-year-old [b]Helen Page[/b] has drawn inevitable comparisons with the likes of [a]Laura Marling[/a] and [a]Nina Nastasia[/a], and with ‘[b]Foreign Fingers[/b]’’ quietly adulterous yarn she approaches the former’s deceptive darkness (“I know that your girlfriend is home on her own/but you’re not in the country so nobody knows”). Elsewhere, ‘[b]Go Go NY[/b]’ is a highlight; a tumbling waltz with surprising verbal dexterity. More songwriting assertiveness wouldn’t go amiss, but in the main this is as mawkishly delightful as a rummage through Gran’s brooch collection. Just watch out for pins, yeah?

[b]Alex Denney[/b]

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