Album Review: Patrick Watson – Just Another Ordinary Day (Secret City)


Released a full seven years after it hit Canada, is Patrick Watson's debut worth the wait?

[a]Patrick Watson[/a] is one of those extravagantly gifted singers, like [a]Rufus Wainwright[/a] or [b]Antony Hegarty[/b], who is so talented it’s almost a handicap. You find yourself wishing they’d tone down the falsetto acrobatics, and just sing the damn tune. Watson’s at his best when he keeps it simple, as on the stunning ‘[b]The Great Escape[/b]’, from his 2006 album ‘[b]Close To Paradise[/b]’. On this debut, released in his native Canada in 2003 but only now getting a UK release, he’s more interested in building wafty atmospheres than constructing actual songs. It’s beautiful, but it lacks direction.

[b]Luke Lewis[/b]

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