Paul McCartney – ‘Kisses On The Bottom’

Paul McCartney - 'Kisses On The Bottom'

One for the over 50's perhaps

Nope, this sure as hell ain’t one for the Skrillex enthusiast in your life nor, for that matter, anyone under 50. But, if anyone on earth has earned the right to make the dreaded Stuff I Loved When I Was Little covers album, it’s Paul McCartney. Yes, that title is more than a bit embarrassing and, yes, of course it drifts into cheese quite often, but only those with a heart made of steel would not raise a smile at some point during his sentimental journey through the American classics (plus a couple of his own in that style) that taught him the ropes all those years ago.

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]


Director: Tommy LiPuma
Record label: Hear Music/MPL
Release date: 06 Feb, 2012