Paul McCartney


Memory Almost Full

Given Macca’s recent turbulent private life, the fact this album exists at all is cause for celebration. Better still, it’s more tuneful and exuberant than 2005’s underwhelming Nigel Godrich-produced ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’. That’s not to say it’s ‘Revolver’, but at least the Beatle’s playing to his strengths. The breezy, mandolin-driven single ‘Dance Tonight’ and the electronic-tinged nostalgia trip ‘Ever Present Past’ should bring joy to the growing legion of Wings enthusiasts, while the sarcastic grumble of ‘Gratitude’ (hmm, who could this be about then?) shows that for a 64-year-old legend, Macca still hasn’t quite grown old gracefully. Oh, and his bass playing’s still peerless. Not quite double thumbs aloft then, but way fabber than it has any right to be. Alan Woodhouse