Album Review: Paul White – ‘Rapping With Paul White’

Album Review: Paul White – ‘Rapping With Paul White’


Drawing cultural references from Africa, The Middle East and Germany

[b]David Starkey[/b] will have a coronary if he discovers this south London producer. He’s a white man crafting beats behind street-level odes to marking out territory from the likes of Detroit’s [b]Guilty Simpson[/b] and [b]Marv Won[/b], plus others, and he draws on a cornucopia of cultures to do so. Latin, Middle Eastern, African and, worst of all for Starkey, freaky German (NOT THEM!) Moog music rears up on a seductive record that reveals itself in layers. ‘[b]That White[/b]’ also brilliantly references the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, wyrd-folk and [b]Edward Lear[/b] only goes to show that the main threat to UK culture is stark raving lunacy.

Chris Parkin


Record label: One-Handed Music
Release date: 22 Aug, 2011