PAWS – Youth Culture Forever

PAWS - Youth Culture Forever


Anthemic but grousing second from Glaswegian trio

Like Glasvegas and Idlewild before them, PAWS prove the Scots like their grousing set to an anthemic indie backdrop. The Glasgow trio bring an almighty ruckus on second album ‘Youth Culture Forever’, building on the ear-splitting success of 2012 debut ‘Cokefloat!’ while discovering enough new shades of grey to give EL James a run for her money. ‘Tongues’ and ‘Someone New’ show they’re still keen students of Weezer’s mastery of the quiet/loud pop-punk dynamic — and ‘An Honest Romance’ takes its cues from Pavement — but the fraying strings on ‘Owls Talons Clenching My Heart’ and ‘Alone’ (sample line: “why would you want to go to a funeral?”) reveal a maturing sensibility that takes them beyond mere ’90s alt.karaoke.

Alex Denney


Record label: Fat Cat
Release date: 02 Jun, 2014