Album Review: Peggy Sue – ‘Acrobats’

Album Review: Peggy Sue – ‘Acrobats’


Filled of cries, growling guitars, and bitter laments

In the wake of the all-encompassing Mumfordisation of British folk, [a]Peggy Sue[/a]’s 2010 debut seemed to get somewhat brushed under the carpet. Their name sounds like a ’50s rom-song or a character from Rosie And Jim; they play the accordion; they make some of their own instruments – nothing new here. Problem was, the London trio were actually a darker, cleverer and, well, just better proposition than most of their so-called peers. Now, a year down the line and with a sophomore effort that maintains its folk backbone but beats with an angsty heart that’s more [a]PJ Harvey[/a] than posh-boy shanty, it’s about time the associations were dropped once and for all. ‘[b]Cut My Teeth[/b]’ opens with six minutes of bitter laments and growling guitars, ‘[b]Boxes[/b]’ wraps itself in ghostly distortion, while ‘[b]Song & Dance[/b]’ unleashes cries of “[i]Sing it loud/I’ll keep out of your way[/i]” while still retaining its catchy sensibilities. A huge step forward for them and, hopefully, for their public perception too.

Will the cries of ‘[b]Song & Dance[/b]’ move you to tears or just muting the sound completely? Listen below:

Lisa Wright


Record label: Wichita
Release date: 12 Sep, 2011