Album Review: Peter, Bjorn And John – Gimme Some (Cooking Vinyl)


Back with a racing, grunge-pop vengeance

Normally, wacky promotional items knock a band at least two rungs down the mark ladder. But PB&J’s giant foam triple-thumbs-up hands deftly heralded their sixth album; a massive, unexpected and squishy delivery of affirmation. After the disappointment of [b]‘Living Thing’[/b], [b]‘Gimme Some’[/b] finds them grabbing at life with a rubber-band rhythmic energy.

Perhaps it’s the introduction of an outside producer (Per Sunding) for the first time, but they’re sounding like a band with something to prove. [b]‘Breaker Breaker’[/b] and [b]‘Eyes’[/b] are giddy fun, racing and ramshackle, [b]‘Dig A Little Deeper’[/b] bubblegum grunge-pop, [b]‘Don’t Let Them Cool Off’[/b] like [a]Tom Petty[/a] by way of [a]Times New Viking[/a]. All hail!

Emily Mackay


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