Album Review: PG Six – ‘Starry Mind’

Album Review: PG Six - 'Starry Mind'


As defiantly retro as alt-folk gets

[a]PG Six[/a]’s Pat Gubler saw the future and he didn’t like it. While the rest of us get distracted by shiny objects and desensitised to perpetual noise, this troubadour goes about writing moody tunes on 12-string that no machine hath sullied, while his bandmates feast on woodcock and worship at the paws of Pan.

[b]‘Starry Mind’[/b] is as defiantly retro as alt-folk gets, though what elevates it is its rustic blues heart. Those slaves to the algorithms who already have an iPhone 5 on order, if you liked this, you may also like Smog, flannel shirts, beards and the 1970s.

Jeremy Allen