Album Review: Phil Manley – Life Coach (Thrill Jockey)

Album Review: Phil Manley - Life Coach (Thrill Jockey)


Solo debut from Trans Am's singer and guitarist

The solo debut from the singer and guitarist in Maryland kraut-funk weirdos [a]Trans Am[/a] is a calmer beast than much of his mother band’s work, reflective and almost [a]Mogwai[/a]-ish in places, as on the melancholy ‘[b]Lawrence, KS[/b]’. It would, if it really was a life coach, be intoning in your ear, “Come on. Just keep going. Listen to the thrum of the motorik. It will guide you. Take heart from the softly neon synths and gentle lapping ripples of guitar. They will heal your fractured ego.” If it was doing its job properly it would then tell you to get off your arse, get a haircut and find a clean fucking T-shirt, but nonetheless, it sounds very pleasant.

[b]Duncan Gillespie[/b]