Phon.O – ‘Black Boulder’

Phon.O - 'Black Boulder'


This is a must for Zomby fans, but it's not a game-changer

‘Black Boulder’ will not change your life. It does not rip electronic music a new A-hole. Yet, it navigates a contemporary confluence of influences with such wit, intelligence and passion that (certainly if you like Joy O or Zomby) you will just simply love it. A lot. Like his mate Apparat, Berlin’s Carsten Aermes works shrouded in stylised melancholy. Beneath gloomy, gun-metal grey skies, he digitally manipulates UKG’s hiccuping beats, delicate, chiming Four Tet melodies, brash synths and dub-techno’s dank, gravelly textures to create a dark, distinct, seductively hooky bass music. Even that cliché, the epic closing drum’n’bass track, soars.

[i]Tony Naylor[/i]


Director: Phon.O
Record label: 50 Weapons
Release date: 28 May, 2012