Picastro – ‘You’

Picastro - 'You'


The Toronto group's latest effort is one for wonky indie afficionados only

If Sonic Youth had ever been thrust a selection of instruments belonging to a beleaguered secondary school orchestra, they’d have probably sounded a little like Picastro. Formed in Toronto, the long-running group are perhaps best known for once hiding Oscar-nominated violin dude Owen Pallett among their glum ranks. Their latest album ‘You’ is very much an acquired taste, a wonky clatter that eight fellas with wayward Warren Ellis beards and DIY instrument workshops in their sheds will surely jizz themselves silly over. For everyone else, the experimental, dissonant harmonies of ‘Judas Claim’ and funereal jangle of ‘That’s It I Mean It’ show that just because you [i]can[/i] do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: Function