Album Review: Pin Me Down – ‘Pin Me Down’ (Animalised)

Album Review: Pin Me Down - 'Pin Me Down' (Animalised)


The Bloc Party member is capable of more

So, first of the four to emerge from [a]Bloc Party[/a]’s hiatus with new material is guitarist [b]Russell Lissack[/b]. Expectations were high when he and former [b]Black Moustacher Milena Mepris[/b] gave us [b]‘Cryptic’[/b] – our first taste of PMD – two years ago. Its reversing-van electro bleeps and disco-trash, [b]Girls Aloud[/b]-style hooks got us all hot with album anticipation, and so it makes for the perfect opener. But since 2008 it seems Mepris has enrolled at Camp Rock and taken a horrible turn for the [b]Miley Cyrus[/b]. Shoving her way to the front of [b]‘Treasure Hunter’[/b] and [b]‘Meet The Slekirks’[/b] with nasal, stagey belts, Russell’s talent is elbowed into the shadows. This album is a misstep from a man capable of infinitely more.

[b]Camille Augarde[/b]