Album Review: Piney Gir – ‘Geronimo!’

Album Review: Piney Gir - 'Geronimo!'


It's kind of like gonorrhoea

There’s a very fine line between twee and twaddle and [b]Angela Penhaligon[/b] is walking it with decidedly wonky balance. The Kansas native may have made a name for herself as the ‘talented’ one from extinct foghorns [b]The Schla La Las[/b], but with tracks such as the insipid ‘[b]Oh Lies[/b]’, standards seem to have slipped somewhat. On ‘[b]The Gift[/b]’ Penhaligon whines “[i]I have a gift that just keeps on giving[/i]” but it would seem that something’s got lost in the post. Much like gonorrhoea, ‘[b]Geronimo![/b]’ is something of an embarrassment. It’s not quite pop enough to dance to, and almost shlock-country enough to make you give up listening to music altogether.

[i]Ash Dosanjh[/i]


Director: Rob Campanello
Record label: Damaged Goods
Release date: 24 Oct, 2011