Pixies – ‘EP3’

Pixies - 'EP3'


A delicious mess that strokes fascination in what the future holds for Black Francis and co...

The final piece in their sleight-of-hand ‘what album? There’s no album here, you must be thinking of someone els… a-ha! Fools! You had the album all along!’ album release plan, the three-track ‘EP3’ completes a varied and imaginative new Pixies phase with no little panache. Sounding, from the title alone, like a song about the world’s shittest superhero, ‘Silver Snail’ – at a suitably languid pace – drifts glacially in orbit above ‘Bossanova’, Black Francis spinning a typically twisted tale of suicide, isolation, guns and transforming, Metamorphosis-like, into a mollusc. ‘Ring The Bell’ finds Frank putting on an impressive falsetto as if to try to fool us that Kim’s back for a chiming (sorry) slice of exuberant surf pop topped with Joey’s glossiest Edge guitar licks ever. And ‘Jaime Bravo’, the album’s closing track, is another of those new Pixies songs that suggests they’ve become a meaty mainstream proposition, as Joey’s trademark razorwire riffs flail and contort over a slick rock chug and airy Deal-style vocals cooing ”goodbye, and goodnight”. As an EP, this accessible trio essentially serves a rounding-off purpose, stoking fascination as to how the delicious mess of new Pixies material might hang together as an album. Grasping for scraps has been fun, now let’s feast.

Mark Beaumont