Album Review: Planningtorock – ‘W’

Album Review: Planningtorock - 'W'


When art-rock experimentalism isn't simply weird but wonderful

If you’re mates with Karin Dreijer Andersson, have co-written an opera with [a]The Knife[/a] and make music that sounds like [a]Fever Ray[/a] viewed in a funhouse reflection, you’d better be pretty fucking good to dodge the hail of copycat accusations surely heading your way. Luckily [a]Planningtorock[/a], alias Janine Rostron, has delivered [b]‘W’[/b], a masterpiece of art-pop experimentalism that gleefully expands on her debut.

Looking like something ripped from the pages of Jean Cocteau’s sketchbook and sounding like an existentially challenged cat, tracks like [b]‘Living It Out’[/b] and [b]‘The One’[/b] make Rostron our fave Bolton-born, Berlin-resident frau with a freaky prosthetic nose. Bar none.

Alex Denney

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