Album Review: Plastiscines – ‘About Love’ (Because)

Album Review: Plastiscines - 'About Love' (Because)


Modelled angst proves model horror

Ah, Plasticine. The modelling clay beloved by children for its ability to be molded to create something original, exciting and new. Not to be confused with this French all-lady grunge-rock outfit and their subtly-non-copyright-infringing name, who, rather than devouring their record collections of female-fronted bands of yore to create a sound of their own, seem to have plumped for just blatantly plagiarising those records’ very blueprints. Take for instance lead singer [b]Katty Besnard[/b]’s vocal on [b]‘I Could Rob You’[/b] as she evokes the effortless cool of [b]Justine Frischmann[/b]. Or [b]‘Bitch’[/b], which falls short of riot grrrl wrath, instead coming across as the musical equivalent of an [b]Elizabeth Wurtzel[/b] novel.

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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