Polysick – ‘Digital Native’

Polysick - 'Digital Native'


Ambient analogue, with no real substance

This is: bucketloads of ambient analogue acid that wash all over the listener. This is not: bucketloads of ambient acid that slosh the listener abruptly in the face. Because Italian knob-twiddler Polysick has adopted synapse-tickling Balearica and a slow-mo psychedelic haze on his second full-lengther. There’s rambunctious fare on offer too – ‘Preda’ is propelled by a hefty Detroit bassline and closer ‘Smudge, Hawaii’’s motorik flavours are mostly agreeable – but far too often ‘Digital Native’ descends into aimless, muddled noodling. Not a bad choice for zoned-out afterhours sessions or long lost summer afternoons, but it’s just too indifferent to recommend with any real conviction.

[i]Kristian Dando[/i]


Director: Egisto Sopor
Record label: Planet Mu
Release date: 18 Jun, 2012