Pop Etc – ‘Pop Etc’

Pop Etc - 'Pop Etc'


Somewhere between 'good geeky' and 'bad geeky'

Pop Etc used to be called The Morning Benders, and if you’re going to indulge in a name change you may as well also indulge yourself in a self-titled album. Tying into an ‘it’s hip to be square’ mentality, ‘Pop Etc’ is mostly good geeky. ‘New Life’ oozes with Drive soundtrack appeal, while ‘Keep It For Your Own’ (produced by Danger Mouse) is extremely Broken Bells, with frontman Chris Chu’s vocals morphing breezily into James Mercer’s Garden State croon. Occasionally, there’s bad geeky, like ‘RYB’, which sounds as cool as ‘that guy’ at the party discussing the benefits of Google Chrome to the passed out girl on the couch. But overall it just about balances out.

[i]Anna Conrad[/i]


Director: Pop Etc
Record label: Rough Trade
Release date: 18 Jun, 2012