Pop Levi: The Return To Form Black Magick Party


Ladytron bassist keeps up the good work

Not fed up of being told what “real” life is all about by pebbledash-faced teenagers yet? You’ll be ready to tell ’em where to stick their blue WKD after you’ve had a swig of Pop Levi. Glammy, witty, pouty, he camps and vamps around the shiny surfaces of his formidably sexy dance-pop. Formerly Ladytron’s bassist, he has some of their hard-edged danceability, but Poppa’s got an altogether warmer, funnier bag. ‘Pick Me Up Uppercut’ is pure glitter sauce, recalling ‘Diamond Dogs’-era Bowie and Bolan if they’d sung songs about dancing in their pants. ‘Blue Honey’ is late White Stripes minus the ego and plus a relentlessly randy bassline, while ‘Flirting’ shows a sensitive side behind all the strut. The best Levi since 501s.

Emily Mackay