Porcelain Raft – ‘Strange Weekend’

Porcelain Raft - 'Strange Weekend'


Nothing but saccharine, hazy highs

From Antony Hegarty to Hayden Thorpe, it’s fair to say that a distinctive vocal can polarise opinion. But, while the supremely androgynous tones of [a]Porcelain Raft[/a] (aka Mauro Remiddi) are so delicate they could be administered as an anti-Vaccines vaccine, ‘Strange Weekend’’s gauzy dream-pop is almost incapable of provoking anything but love. Floating between nostalgic Ariel Pink-isms and M83-recalling pop sensibilities, the dappled semi-psychedelia of ‘Shapeless & Gone’ or ‘Unless You Speak From Your Heart’ are highlights on a record that provides nothing but saccharine, hazy highs.

[i]Lisa Wright[/i]


Director: Mauro Remiddi
Record label: Secretly Canadian
Release date: 23 Jan, 2012