Album review: Prefuse 73

Album review: Prefuse 73


Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

The abstract hip-hop guru’s fifth full-length offering, in the tradition of wayward cut-and-paste instrumentalism, is one almighty mess. Prefuse plunders, for a withering 29 tracks, snippets of every funk, jazz, kraut, psych, rap, ancient Chinese traditional and rainforest sound effect record he has ever come within a three-mile radius of. With the premise of offering some new alt.hop answer to weirdy-beardy progedelia, tracks such as the aptly titled ‘Punish’ and ‘When Is A Good Time?’ shirk any groove that may take you ‘somewhere else’ in favour of belligerent cyber-interference and blisteringly chop-changing samples, reminding us we’re very much in the here and now, and our ears sting.

Jaimie Hodgson

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