Hello Master

Released in 2005 and remastered in 2006, it’s only due to the wiles of the trans-Atlantic recording industry that this debut is getting a British release now. It’s timeless stuff – in the same way that there will always be some shitty US bar needing a resident band who’ll play loud and stupid for beer and bacon. On opener ‘I Am The Night, Color Me Black’ and closer ‘Blood’, they’re Queens Of The Stone Age without the groove or good humour. Sandwiched between those tracks are 10 others, fluctuating between half-baked stoner sermons (‘Two Kids’) and drive-time hair metal (‘Talk To Her’). It’s music for teenage trailer-trash runaways, or the closing credits to a lost Steven Seagal masterpiece. Priestess are all about shouting at the devil. Problem is, Satan’s listening to Mastodon nowadays.

Mike Sterry