Album Review: Prince Rama – ‘Trust Now’

Album Review: Prince Rama - 'Trust Now'


A brooding and oppressive morass of sound

Hitting Number Three in the Billboard New Age chart with your last album is an achievement to wear sparingly lest you get mistaken for whale music artists, which siblings Taraka and Nimai Larson really aren’t. In fact, despite the hand-twirling dancing and the air they give off of having found themselves on retreat in Kashmir, the Brooklyn duo’s fifth album is less pan-pipe chill-out and more a brooding and oppressive morass of sound akin to a shamanistic [a]Zola Jesus[/a] – all thrums, howls and echoes, eddying rhythms, scurrying drums and, weirdly, the slowed-down hoover from Belgian hardcore. Just ignore the jazz-handy group psychiatry of ‘[b]Trust[/b]’.

[i]Chris Parkin[/i]


Director: Scott Colburn
Record label: Paw Tracks
Release date: 03 Oct, 2011