Prinzhorn Dance School – ‘Clay Class’

Prinzhorn Dance School - 'Clay Class'

The most creative thing about this band is its name

When Brighton art-rock duo Prinzhorn Dance School released their self-titled debut in 2007 it was notably incongruous – not just for New York dance label DFA but for indie-rock in general, with its clangorous basslines, childishly simple drums and brutally modernist, haiku-like verses delivered blankly. Now, four years later, they have lost the shock of the new but refuse to embellish the ultra clean lines of ‘Seed Crop Harvest’ or ‘Sing Orderly’, even subtly in the same way that The xx, say, would. And while it’s true they make a little go a very long way, the same could be said about Kerry Katona with 20 quid in Iceland.

[i]John Doran[/i]


Record label: DFA
Release date: 06 Feb, 2012