Album Review: Priscilla Ahn – ‘A Good Day’

Album Review: Priscilla Ahn - 'A Good Day'


Folk-tinged pop with siren charms

Armed with the angelic pipes of Norah Jones, Priscilla Ahn entwines a sombre Nick Drake with a love-struck Sufjan Stevens. There’s youthful reverie aplenty in the beautiful ‘Dream’ and the indie-pierced ‘Red Cape’, to which any Superman-loving teen finally letting go of the cape-and-pants-combo can relate. Although ‘Find My Way Back Home’ and ‘Lullaby’ are engulfed in a sea of unnecessary “la la la”s, the latter does produce the line “This old library/Has 30 books and one dictionary/But that’s OK/No-one reads anyway/They all watch TV”, showing this pop cherub’s blessed lungs are supplemented by cynical sass. Move over Superman; this girl’s Wonder Woman, and she wants that cape of yours.

Sam Rowe