PS I Love You – ‘Death Dreams’

PS I Love You - 'Death Dreams'


A continuation of their 2010 debut

Named after The Beatles’ first ever B-side, PSI♥U fit in the now firmly established line of loud’n’powerful drummer’n’singer/guitarist combos. Here, aside from an introductory impersonation of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’ (on the title track), they continue where their 2010 debut left off: ie sounding quite a lot like Tom Verlaine fronting Dinosaur Jr (or on ‘Princess Towers’, having-a-tune-era Sonic Youth). When they really wail – see the last minute of ‘Sentimental Dishes’ – it’s exciting. When they take their foot off the gas/distortion pedal – ‘Don’t Go’. ‘How Do You’ – it’s approaching being beautiful. Only the playing-to-type sludge-rockers are a problem.

[i]Liam Cash[/i]


Director: Matt Rogalsky
Record label: Paper Bag
Release date: 11 Jun, 2012