Album Review: Psychedelic Horseshit – ‘Laced’

Album Review: Psychedelic Horseshit - 'Laced'


Coherency is finally making it's way through the familiar hypnotic noise

Matt Whitehurst isn’t raising the bar for noise with his umpteenth release, but at least he’s articulate. Sounding like rotting Americana, the bulk of [b]‘Laced’[/b] is really a blues album cut up with grime beats, techno horns, white noise, Syrian midi keys and ambient synths coated in typically washed-out hypnagogic-pop style; we’ve been here before.

Where this album stands out, however, is in its unambiguous lyrics: “Everything in this world is laced”. Noise music has been content to let its harsh aesthetics do the talking alone for too long; with [b]‘Laced’[/b], Whitehurst has challenged that paradigm.

Huw Nesbitt

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