Quakers – ‘Quakers’

Quakers - 'Quakers'


Disappointingly reactionary

A rap consortium produced by Geoff ‘Portishead’ Barrow? [i]NME[/i] hoped for a dystopian cash money route: a nightmarish descent through the frozen coke-lands of conspicuous consumption; a future-brutal spin on Gucci Mane via Scandinavian nihilism. But ‘Quakers’ is warmly familiar, prosaic backpacker fare – a 41-track odyssey spanning the bad-ass (‘Fitta Happier’), the easy (‘There It Is’) and the thuggish (‘War Drums’), all fat beats, scratching and soul samples. That is ‘real’ hip-hop according to Barrow, and if you like your rap homespun, rich, physical and all ‘summer-in-NYC ’95’, it’s a dream. But considering he once reinvented the genre, it’s disappointingly reactionary.

[i]John Calvert[/i]


Director: Fuzzface, 7-Stu-7, Katalyst
Record label: Stone Throw
Release date: 26 Mar, 2012