Raz Ohara


Raz Ohara And The Odd Orchestra

Berlin songwriter Patrick Rasmussen is Raz Ohara. He excavates dreamscapes. Or he’d like to think he does, having made an album of lounge-soul that moves at the pace of EU bureaucracy. His is a voice creaking with intimate huskiness, so naturally he’s drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley. A better marker might be Finley Quaye. Raz and his Orchestra do occasionally blunder on to the right path, as on the crystalline spy-jazz of ‘Kisses’, only to immediately make for the ditch, as on the bloated snooze soul of ‘One’. Sole Odd Orchestra member/producer Oliver Doerell adds twitching, sparse bleep-clusters and a sense of echo-laden sparseness to their production. However, their collaboration just comes off like Jamie Cullum trying to hang with the cool kids by decorating his jazz-lite with entirely ornamental electronics.

Gavin Haynes