Album Review: Real Estate – ‘Days’

Album Review: Real Estate - 'Days'


A clean and canny record

[a]Real Estate[/a]’s self-titled debut album, a badly mixed but charming portrait of suburban dreaming, fitted right into the emerging glo-fi of 2009. Two years, lots of touring, and a wad of cash from Domino Records later and the New Jersey four-piece have shaken off the sun-flecked dust of that haphazard genre to reveal a clean and canny record. On ‘[b]Days[/b]’, melodies sit above the muted chug of ‘[b]Green Aisles[/b]’ and the intricate guitars of ‘[b]It’s Real[/b]’. Even on contemplative instrumental ‘[b]Kinder Blumen[/b]’ there is effort to shake off the stasis that glo-fi turned into a manifesto and push forward onto new ground.

[i]Hazel Sheffield[/i]


Director: Kevin McMahon
Record label: Domino
Release date: 18 Oct, 2011