No Land Recordings

Remate provides handsome proof that the alt-folk bug has made it all the way to Spain. Like Sufjan Stevens, his multi-instrumental approach offers

plenty of access points and raises it above also-ran status. Good job, as ‘No Land Recordings’ is spread over 25 tracks and two CDs that showcase his broad talents. Banjos? Head to the music box waltz of ‘Love At First Sight’. Celestial choirs? The Lambchop-esque campfire song ‘Toxic Love 1’, provides that. But it becomes clear that perhaps the standout fact about Remate is his voice. Rasping and hushed, it sounds like he’s swallowed a bag of nails and been a 40 Marlboro Red-a-day man since birth. He sounds the real deal. And looks it too. If there’s one final piece of evidence to prove his credentials, it’s that Remate is in possession of a mighty fine beard.

Stephen Worthy