Album Review: Richard James – ‘We Went Riding’ (Gwymon)

Album Review: Richard James - 'We Went Riding' (Gwymon)


The usual suspects line up in line for this hot to trot affair

Former [b]Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci[/b] man James is the master of that sort of gently eerie psych-folk whimsy that is to Wales what kohl-eyed chilly ’60s pop pastiche is to Sweden. He’s aided on his second solo album by a round-up of some of the usual suspects; [b]Euros Childs[/b]? Check. [b]Cate Le Bon[/b]? Check. But… NO [b]GRUFF RHYS[/b]! WHAT?! If it’s cut from familiar cloth, though, the oscillating, rollicking, [b]Bees[/b]-ish psych-rock of [b]‘Faces’[/b] and the surly swagger of [b]‘Blues (Hey Hey Hey)’[/b] make for a handsome fit. [b]‘From Morning Sunshine’[/b], meanwhile, finds James and Le Bon laying the listener gently down on bed of lackadaisically fingerpicked guitars and murmuring chants. Definitely hot to trot.

[b]Duncan Gillespie[/b]

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