Album review : Richard Swift

Album review : Richard Swift


The Atlantic Ocean

Facts about this album:

* Richard Swift, born Richard Swift Ochoa, began performing in Quaker churches at the age of 14.

* ‘The Atlantic Ocean’ is his eighth album.

Album review:

You won’t believe it, but Richard Swift, our favourite American folk hero, the one who thrives on dark moods more effectively than silverfish do on dirty bathmats, seems startlingly happy. In this brilliant new time of directional change, the piano-led analogue boy is practically smiling his words out on the Mark Ronson-produced ‘Ballad Of Old What’s His Name’. Alright, so ‘RIP’ states that “everyone knows when they’re gonna die”, but if you hear that line via these utterly joyous tones, it’s not something you’d fear. ‘Lady Luck’ contains sounds that would imply most men need their balls reattaching, yet Swift’s still got stamina on ‘A Song For Milton Feher’ to promise he’ll “listen to your every word”. Funny that, ‘cos we’re hanging on all of his.

Kelly Murray

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