Richmond Fontaine: Thirteen Cities

Richmond Fontaine: Thirteen Cities


Brilliant whisky-drowned

Anyone partial to a serving of Lambchop, Calexico or Eels at their pedal-steel-propelled best should, as well as saluting themselves for their excellent taste in, clear some iPod megabytes for the new effort by Richmond Fontaine. Mainman Willy Vlautin and his Portland band have been making sublime country that conjures images of Brokeback-style mountains and sleepy small-town bars since 1994 and this, their seventh album, is as heartbreakingly

great as any of their previous work. ‘Moving Back Home #2’ is a brass-bound rollock Calexico would give their cowboy hats for, while ‘The Disappearance Of Ray Norton’ is an acoustic story that’ll have you blubbing into your trucker cap. Tear-stained hats off to ’em.

Jamie Fullerton