Album Review: Rizzle Kicks – ‘Stereo Typical’

Album Review: Rizzle Kicks - 'Stereo Typical'


It's a laugh, but sometime that's what you're looking for

Wisdom prevails that you should judge a man on the company he keeps, so given that Brighton duo [b]Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens[/b] and [b]Harley “Kicks” Alexander-Sule[/b] spent their early days pissing about with pasty-faced devil child [a]Ed Sheeran[/a], you might be expecting a barrage of preachy-pop and tiny-testicled bravado. Think again. Rather they tag-team across the record with a cheery glint, a self-deprecating wink and a boundless charm that’s hard not to like. Yeah, it all sounds the bloody same, and yup, nothing on here is quite as good as the Mariachi-aping single ‘[b]Down With The Trumpets[/b]’, but it’s a laugh, and sometimes that’s all you’re looking for.

[i]Mike Williams[/i]


Director: Dag Nabbit, Mike Spencer, Fatboy Slim
Record label: Island
Release date: 31 Oct, 2011