Album Review: Robert Ellis – ‘Photographs’

Album Review: Robert Ellis - 'Photographs'

Country to the core

Not to be confused with erstwhile [a]PJ Harvey[/a] collaborator Rob Ellis, this 22-year-old Texan is, alongside [a]Caitlin Rose[/a], proof that some kids still care about classic country. The junior honky-tonker’s second album, however, is a game of two halves.

The first sees him wading through pretty, but ultimately fruitless [b]Simon & Garfunkel[/b] territory, while it’s the latter songs that truly set Ellis apart from the staid singer-songwriter pack. “I got Lefty, Willie, Hank and Townes to keep me company” he hollers, hillbilly-style, on the rolling [b]‘Comin’ Home’[/b], name-checking the legends whose homespun heartbreak pours from the album’s astonishing title track.

Leonie Cooper

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