Ronika – ‘Marathon’ EP

Ronika - 'Marathon' EP


The Nottingham singer continues her bid for pop greatness with her sleek '80s throwbacks

Something’s rotten in the state of pop if Ronika’s still failing to notch the hits. The Nottingham singer released some delicious tunes on June’s debut album ‘Selectadisc’, but the world has been slow to catch on. This EP drives the point home again. The title-track is pure rare groove, all slap bass and disco strings; the semi-raps of ‘Forget Yourself’ – the lead song on ‘Selectadisc’ – owe something to Gwen Stefani; and Mighty Mouse co-production ‘See Through You’ is addictive, New York punk-funk. Veronica Sampson leaves us with ‘World Is Turning’, it’s another perfect-pop ’80s throwback with a sleek and modern electro clatter thrown in. It’s high time more people checked Ronika out.


Record label: RecordShop
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014