Rosie Lowe – ‘Right Thing’ EP

Rosie Lowe - 'Right Thing' EP


Right Thing is a four-track debut of off-centred soul

Burial: so much to answer for. It’s over seven years since his self-titled debut, but William Bevan’s reverberating late-night warble still looms large over today’s musical agenda. London-based Rosie Lowe is the latest to shuffle onto his soundscape with a four-track debut of off-centred soul, featuring production by Kwes and Dave Okumu of The Invisible. The title track is shrouded by an androgynous vocal that picks through the embers of an old relationship and is a moving listen. The hiccupping electronica of ‘10K Balloons’ and ‘Me & Your Ghost’ could see Rosie pegged as the female James Blake. The question is, can a rehashing of his sound, however accomplished, replicate his success?

Leonie Cooper


Record label: 37 Adventures