Roska – ‘Rinse Presents: Roska 2’

Roska - 'Rinse Presents: Roska 2'


As the title suggests, this is nothing new

London-based DJ and producer Roska has never come across as the most imaginative of individuals. A key figure in the rise of UK funky, he provided one of that short-lived genre’s defining works with his flatly titled ‘Roska’ in 2010. Sparkling with raw instrumentals and fabulous vocal collaborations, the Londoner’s debut neatly caught the zeitgeist of the post-dubstep world. Two years later, 29-year-old Wayne Goodlitt returns with another 11 solid, dancefloor-serving tracks, but as the strictly practical title of his second album suggests, it seems he’s left much of the inspired creativity of his debut in the past. ‘Do You Like This’, featuring Jamie George, best exemplifies this record’s more-of-the-same attitude, and despite a notable attempt to explore alternate rhythmic structures on the slow grime of ‘OnRinseSinceZeroEight’ and the half-stepping Mz Bratt feature ‘Go’, ‘Roska 2’ fails to do anything either new or remarkable. But then, we probably should have guessed that from the title…

[i]Jon Cook[/i]


Director: Roska
Record label: Rinse
Release date: 28 May, 2012