Album Review: Rowland S Howard – ‘Pop Crimes’ (Infectious)

Album Review: Rowland S Howard - 'Pop Crimes' (Infectious)


Sour and implacably sexy

Sadly banished to semi-obscurity following [b]The Birthday Party[/b]’s tumultuous split, history seemed finally to be catching up with [b]Rowland S Howard[/b] when he was taken by liver cancer at the end of 2009. Thankfully we’ll always have [b]‘Pop Crimes’[/b], a brooding piece that sees the post-punk firebrand playing the existential cowboy as beautifully as ever. [b]‘The Golden Age Of Bloodshed’[/b] is as menacing as electric tumbleweed, while on the title track Howard’s guitar plays shimmering and low. Sour and implacably sexy, it’s a distinguished last will and testament from a man who drank deep from the cup of sorrow and savoured every last drop.

[b]Alex Denney[/b]

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