Album Review: Royal Bangs

Album Review: Royal Bangs


We Breed Champions

Facts about this album:

* Royal Bangs are from Knoxville, Tennessee.

* They are Sam Stratton, Ryan, Chris Rusk, Brandon Biondo and Henry Gibson.

* ‘We Breed Champions’ is their debut album.

Album review:

Royal Bangs are a band of professional geeks – day jobs include scientist and engineer – who are living out their rock fantasies. The fact they know their way around a sequencer saves this Knoxville five-piece from drowning in Jack Daniel’s and Walkmen comparisons. Augmenting their garage-rock template with fractious GameBoy bleeps and flashes of ‘Kid A’ glitchcore. ‘Let’s Get Even’ is a booze-addled assault that descends into atonal static and oscillatory scree like Aphex Twin shitting on a bar in Texas. During ‘Broke Calculator’, when the distorted guitars peel back to reveal analogue blips, it captures the moment nerd rock sprouts balls amid the smell of BO and burnt-out Amigas.

Louise Brailey

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