Album Review: Royksopp – Senior (Wall Of Sound)

Album Review: Royksopp - Senior (Wall Of Sound)

Attempts at being moody and serious on 'Senior' demonstrate one simple fact - stick with what you're good at, Royksopp

Oh dear. [a]Röyksopp[/a] want to be taken seriously. Best described as a Nordic electronic [a]We Are Scientists[/a] – funny, eccentric interviewees; purveyors of bright, balloon-light music of little consequence (but large sales) – [b]Svein Berge[/b] and [b]Torbjørn Brundtland[/b] suddenly feel compelled to get all introspective and existential. The wholly instrumental [b]‘Senior’[/b] is the purportedly “dark”, psychologically “distorted” flipside to their last pop album, [b]‘Junior’[/b]. In truth, it’s nothing of the sort. It toggles stylishly between ambient moods: equal parts [a]Air[/a], [a]Kraftwerk[/a], Scandinavian cosmic disco and [a]Röyksopp[/a]’s own [b]‘Melody AM’[/b], but it carries zero threat. It is pleasant, and largely forgettable.

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]