Album Review: Ryan Francesoni – Parables (Drag City)

Album Review: Ryan Francesoni - Parables (Drag City)


Joana Newsom's collaborator releases a disappointing solo effort

In a city renowned for its indie-rock scene, Portland dweller and [a]Joanna Newsom[/a] collaborator [a]Ryan Francesconi[/a] sticks out like a toff in a brothel. Wielding acoustic guitar – and the encyclopaedic fretboard-familiarity of [a]Nick Drake[/a] on Dexedrine – Francesconi debuts his own instrumental folk here, along with a lecture on sterile fret-wankery. ‘[b]Parallel Lights[/b]’ weaves windy forest paths akin to those of the aforementioned elven folkstress but lacks an equally enchanting narrative to pull it together, while the iridescent harmonics of ‘[b]With Hands[/b]’ impress but fail to entice. There only needs be a thin line between master and amateur, but apparently Francesconi didn’t get the memo.

[b]Jazz Monroe[/b]

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