Album review: Sad Day For Puppets – ‘Unknown Colours’

Album review: Sad Day For Puppets - 'Unknown Colours'


Fuzzy-sweet Swedish grunge-pop

“Any time is a good time for guitars and feedback,” claims guitarist Martin Källholm. Well, quite. The plaid days of early ’90s alt.rock are having a quiet resurgence, and the Stockholm quintet are one

of its more beguiling advocates. The reference points – Dinosaur Jr and Mazzy Star in particular – may be familiar, but the band have a keen ear for simple melodies (Källholm reckons they can be traced back to Swedish lullabies). The Britpoppy ‘Little Light’ or the elegiac ‘All The Songs’ are easy to fall in love with. Anna Eklund’s spectral diction – enshrined under glacial washes of distortion – is seductive and richly evocative. If the prospect of a Swedish Joy Zipper appeals to you, you should investigate forthwith.

Barry Nicolson

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