Album Review: Sam Duckworth – ‘The Mannequin’

Album Review: Sam Duckworth - 'The Mannequin'


He proves himself as a tender, full-blooded songwriter

It really was that easy. The former [b]Get Cape. Wear Cape[/b] etc etc etc drops the name culled from a Batman computer game, and the rage and trauma of Gotham is exorcised. Also gone are try-hard international kitchen sinks, revealing Southend’s chief tubthumper as the tender, full-blooded songwriter we always knew he secretly had the potential to be. Which isn’t to say that [b]‘The Mannequin’[/b] isn’t literate and conscientious – it’s just that it’s those things in the good ways, like, say, [a]Bright Eyes[/a]. The best moments, like the great [b]‘Angels In The Snow’[/b], actually scale those heights.

Dan Martin