Album Review: Samiyam – ‘Sam Baker’s Album’

Album Review: Samiyam - 'Sam Baker's Album'


Psychedelic minimalism and low-riding funk

[a]Samiyam[/a]’s debut, [b]‘Rap Beats Vol 1’[/b], was a churning compilation of instrumental hip-hop sketches that sounded like it was downloaded from a wired brain after severe Dilla burnout. Yet, like sometime collaborator [a]Flying Lotus[/a], [a]Samiyam[/a] has a knack for re-arranging a dissonant tangle of ideas into a psychedelic odyssey.

Jagged, low-riding funk reminiscent of Hudson Mohawke ([b]‘Bedtime’[/b]) meets samples of cats ([b]‘Kitties’[/b]) while eight-bit flourishes trigger flushes of Hyperdub-styled weirdness throughout. It’s the unflashy moments that really linger, though, with [b]‘Taco Delay’[/b]’s measured minimalism providing some grounding to an otherwise heady trip.

Louise Brailey

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