San Cisco – ‘San Cisco’

San Cisco - 'San Cisco'


Too sunkissed, but there’s something here worth sticking around for

They’re too sunkissed, San Cisco. Too perfect-sounding. Of course, that kind of thing worked wonders for The Beach Boys – gods of sugary brilliance – because they had the depth of studio knowledge to back it up. But harmonious Aussie newcomers San Cisco, led by singer and Ezra Koenig-soundalike Jordi Davieson, stumble because of their sickly-sweet production. Strip away the bullshit, though, and the songs are classy – there are hooks galore on ‘Fred Astaire’, and ‘Wild Things’ is early Lily Allen as co-written by Peter Pan. At the very least it proves there’s something here worth sticking around for.

Matt Wilkinson


Record label: Columbia
Release date: 07 Oct, 2013