Album Review: Scissor Sisters – ‘Night Work’ (Polydor)

Album Review: Scissor Sisters - 'Night Work' (Polydor)


A striking reinvention for Shears and co

By their second album [b]‘Ta Dah’[/b], [b]Scissor Sistors[/b] had more in common with Sean from [i]Corrie[/i] than the hedonistic New York gay scene of the ’70s. When [b]Jake Shears[/b] realised what they’d become, he walked out of the band and went on a year-long binge in East Berlin, where the spirit of the Danceteria was still alive. From the Tesco provoking Robert Mapplethorpe cover shot down, [b]‘Night Work’[/b] makes no apologies; [b]Stuart Price[/b] creates a sound that is fierce and muscular. The single [b]‘Fire With Fire’[/b] marries euphoric pop with aggressive defiance. Fitting for a record concerned with the hours of darkness, [b]‘Night Work’[/b], ahem, climaxes with a six-minute hit of pure dancefloor ecstasy. [b]‘Invisible Light’[/b] is a hypnotic come-hither to the party. Sorry [b]Plan B[/b], but this here is the year’s most striking reinvention.

[b]Dan Martin[/b]

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