Album Review: Scouting For Girls -‘Everybody Wants To Be On TV’ (Epic)

Peddling clichés that are nothing more than offensive

This is the soundtrack to the future dystopian hell where the Conservatives get their creepy mitts on the means of cultural distribution, shutting down all that’s good and true and leaving a shit slick of homogenous base-grade pig-feed as an excuse for music in its wake. As if [b]SFG[/b] couldn’t get any more heinous, they’ve discovered Auto-Tune and sub-[b]Calvin Harris[/b] synths on their second album, aping everyone from [b]Pulp[/b] ([b]‘Posh Girls’[/b]) to [b]Queen[/b] ([b]‘Blue As Your Eyes’[/b]). They peddle clichés about ugly ducklings and shagging that are so offensive they make a donkey braying into a bin sound like the ripe observations of a Charlie Brooker column.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]